Leading With Safety

Through our initiative Team Protect, we’re committed to keeping our team members, partners and guests safe by instilling CDC best practices throughout everything we do.

CDC Best Practices Compliance

At EPGS, our policies and operating processes are informed by the CDC, and are mandated training topics for our team members. We’re also instilling CDC best practices with regards to recommended EPA approved disinfectants, PPE and hand hygiene, and OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standards.

Team Temperature Monitoring

Our pre-shift huddle operations have been altered to ensure the safety of everyone on property. Team Temperature Monitoring requires our operational managers to take temperatures via our contactless head thermometers. This is a multi-authentication process which confirms daily that each team member exceeds the CDC best practice guideline.

Team PPE Training and Certification

Through training and certification, each team member becomes knowledgeable with regards to PPE equipment. Further, EPGS has invested heavily into TeamProtect™ toolkits, containing masks, plastic gloves, sanitizer stations, disinfectant wipes, UV light wands and more.

Touchless Parking and Payment Solutions

Through our touchless parking and payment solution, guests are able to arrive on property, pay for their parking and retrieve their vehicle via their phone.

Social Distancing Practices

Our operating practices require team members to social distance in the most hospitable way – with no disruption to the platinum service we are known for.

Vehicle and Key Disinfection

UV lights attached to our keyboards actively disinfect keys as they are hung up. Additionally, our UV wands help disinfect leather areas like vehicle seats and steering wheels within 10 seconds. Each team member is trained on how to disinfect high touch areas in each vehicle.

Workplace Surface Disinfection

Our teams have an operational deep-cleaning checklist that focuses on cleaning podiums, doors and windows and other high touch surface areas – ensuring that every interaction with guests is safe.

Team Self-Screening Evaluations

Through our TeamProtect™ Team Member Certification Training (TTMCT), our team members are taught the importance of self-screening, and the process for reintegration into our site teams. EPGS has also implemented a TeamProtect™ Advisory board to ensure the collection of our team members’ self-evaluation prior to their return to operations.

Property Policy Support

The TTMCT mandates our operational managers to collaborate with our partners on ensuring that hotel policies are being abided by all guests, and team members. Each operational manager sits with their hotel partner to lay out a communication plan in case a guest is in violation of the hotel policies.

Ongoing Process Improvement

TeamProtect™ offers the highest level of service by protecting our team members, guests and partners. Our TeamProtect™ Advisory board is continuously exploring a range of options to best equip our locations with the most innovative technology and solutions.

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